Dr. Kim saved my arm, and I am truly grateful to her!

Who would have known that working at a desk in front of a computer for eight hours a day, five days a week for years on end could be so deleterious to one’s health? I found out one morning a couple of years ago. I awoke from a night’s sleep with my left arm in pain. Lucky was the day when I found Dr. Kim through my health insurance provider directory. By the time I had my first consultation with her, the condition of my arm was dire indeed (no exaggeration on my part). I won’t lie. Dr. Kim’s therapies were aggressive and painful, and the course of treatment took longer than I had expected, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.
With Dr. Kim’s help, I had my life back. (Again, no exaggeration on my part.) No longer do I feel defeated by pain and physical limitation. I only wish I had had the foresight to seek out her services when my ordeal first began. If you are suffering from the same or similar condition as I, please consider Dr. Kim. Her approach will spare you months and months of pain and misery. There is hope. <PWM Mission Viejo, California>

Dr. Kim’s pristine treatment rooms and pleasant personality is an A+!

My name is Renate Prellwitz and I have known Dr. Joanne Kim for over 10 years. Over that period of time I got treatments that helped me living a normal life again, when all other medical help failed me or gave up on me. She simply knows her business and finds the root of ailment to cure it. She helped me to walk again without pain, by treating my back, neck and legs. Getting rid of toxicity
brought on from 
pain killers. Helping me with heart, blood pressure and relieving me of varicose vein pain and bowel problems. I totally trust her ability to help anyone. Her pristine treatment rooms and pleasant personality is an A+. I shall always go to her whenever I need help to be healthy.  <Renate Prellwitz, Irvine>

I would recommend everyone to see Dr. Joanne Kyung Kim

After long struggling with various aches and pains on shoulders and neck, I was recommended by PCP to try the acupuncture. I did several researches and found Dr. Joanne Kyung Kim in my health plan network providers. At first, I had a fear of needles but it was not that bad, almost painless. After the few treatments with Dr Joanne Kyung Kim and I felt much better. I had also referenced
a few friends to her and they were very happy with her treatments and they keep going back.
Dr. Joanne Kyung Kim is sensitive and very professional. She’s not only providing treatment with acupuncture, but with nutritional recommendations & herbal supplements. I would recommend everyone to see Dr. Joanne Kyung Kim at Irvine Family Acupuncture & Herbs.
<Happy Patient, Larry, Irvine>

Seeing Dr. Kim on a regular basis has really made a difference in my life!

I first sought treatment from Dr. Kim in September 2007 for excruciating back pain. Since then, I have experienced little to no back pain due to maintenance treatment. Dr. Kim’s treatments have also helped get rid of neck and shoulder pain due to stress. Seeing Dr. Kim on a regular basis has really made a difference in my life.
<C. Kelly, Irvine>

This patient had trouble smelling and slept with his mouth open…

This patient had trouble smelling and slept with his mouth open since young of age. He received treatment twice a week and after 6 treatments, he was breathing normal through his nose. After 15 treatments, he was fully cured and said to have clear head to even study!
<22 years old college student>

I had sinus problem for almost 20 years.

I had a terrible headache and breathing problem at night. He recommended Chinese herbs treatment with Acupuncture treatment. I have treated just 2 times and i could feel so much better. I treated twice per week during the 2 months. I don’t have Headache and sleep well at night. I strongly recommend this treatment when you have Sinus problem. Thanks Dr. Kim
<55 years old Woman>

Dr. Kim is truly a miracle maker.

I have been having congestion in my nose for over 10 years. It caused me to be nauseous and have migraine ail the time. I had hard time concentrating at work and had hard time breathing majority of the time. After years of pain, Dr. Kim offered me to try the herbal treatment for my sinus problem along with Acupuncture. It was amazing! Just after 3 visits, I was already starting to feet much better! I no longer have migraine and can breathe with much comfort! This treatment is definitely recommended to anyone with sinus problem. It’s a miracle! Thank You Dr. Kim for ail your help! <25 years old Woman>